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Read why a new website will make THE WORLD OF DIFFERENCE to your bookings each year - and then TAKE A LOOK and see HOW AMAZING your website could look - simply by seeing your accommodation in our latest RECOMMENDED DESIGN LAYOUT...

Lets face it... times are tough in the accommodation industry. It's getting harder for accommodation owners to make as much profit as before when using the larger booking engines due to the high commission rates.

The good news is, we can show you how your website can help you to get extra bookings and it can all be completed in a couple of weeks!

and the best thing is, you DON'T need to a large budget to succeed!

Why Our Sites Work...& Will Increase Bookings

Below are the 4 important things that will GET YOU MORE BOOKINGS via your website...

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1. Correct On-Page Search Engine Optimisation.

We see so many sites that have little or no SEO - so it's no wonder that their websites don't work for them!

If you would like to find out more about what on-page SEO is, and why it's vitally important for your website, follow the Read More link below.

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2. Prominent Call To Actions

these are the "Book Online" or "Enquire" buttons - these are really important to have in the obvious places; such as at the top of your website pages and within the content.

You will get more bookings via your site if you simply make it really clear that your site visitors can get a better deal if they book directly with you rather than on any other site.

3. Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design

It's hard to believe that there are still websites out there that aren't properly mobile friendly; especially if you knew that over HALF of all website searches are made on a MOBILE or TABLET!  If your website is not Mobile friendly then 2 BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN: 1 - your site visitors will leave your site immediately, or very quickly once they reach you, and 2 - Google and other search engines will start sliding your rankings down on mobile searches; as they don't want their browser visitors to have a bad user experience and so will guide them towards mobile friendly sites instead.

You can read more about why Responsive Sites are so important via the Read More link below.

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4. Editable Websites

Are you one of those owners who rarely updates their website because they can't do it themselves? It's understandable, you want to wait until you have quite a few updates before you go to your web designer to make the changes. How much nicer, and better for your site visitors would it be if you could make the changes easily yourself? Your website will be up to date, which keeps your visitors reassured that your website is current - and by extension, that your accommodation is up to date too!

You can see just how easy our websites are to edit via the Read More link below.

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You've heard about the BENEFITs...so now

See What Your Website Can Look Like!

Check out our 3 layouts below - all of these can be easily customised and personalised to make each one unique...


Design 1 - Tregella


Design 2 - The Old Barn


Design 3 - The Weston

Get Your Demo!

If you would like to see what your accommodation would look like in one of our stunning layouts, simply click on the box below to provide us with some text and photos... we will create your HOME PAGE using this lovely design, so you can get a really good idea of what your site would look like.